You stood before me on a summerís eve

A parking lot so long ago

No place to stay except your favorite street

The building built by Nat King Cole


It ran so wild no one could ever know

The kind mark our time would leave

We ventured far to where no fool would go

You learned to walk I learned to need


As it goes for most fire storms

Too much fuel exhausts the flames

Begin the heal after the scorch

Learn to live with the pains


Youíre never back in my theater

Iím never entering your mind

I donít respond to you emotionally

You donít even know youíre lying


I see your face and that wispy smile

Hole in your jeans down on your knee

Diamond studs at the end of that stick

But that ringís a cruel jury


So it plays out like so many do

Coincidence becoming art

Take the hit and away with you

And the life inside my heart


Lifeís funny way of beating us down

Beats us on and all around

If you canít shake it off and learn to move on

You might as well go drown


So Live the movie and go write the script

Smile it on and go laugh it off

Sell it all for a million bucks

Watch the credits roll and stop


I need to see your face again

I need to hear your voice again

I need to touch your hand again

I need to feel your care again


Instead, tonight Iím going to miss you again.