Cadillac Style


Welding all day sends his mind a sparkin

Forgetting all about his life and trailer parkin

Movin to the sounds of ZZ Top a rockin

This boys a mess till the time clocks a stopping


Then hes cleaned up well showered up from stinking

Gonna get a new notch by taking out a Lincoln

As the grease and grime flows on down the drain

His hands are ready to engineer that old train


He walked out and headed for the dirt track

Drove off in his 75 Coupe de Ville Cadillac

In Cadillac Style

In Cadillac Style


He met a girl last year at the rodeo

She had a halter top a hanging and jeans cut low

The minute that sweet thing went and said hello

He knew he had an angel from the radio


They ran headlong into the night without thinking

His high beams were flashing and hers were a twinkling

He grabbed the turn signal stalk when he should have been shifting

She showed him a place where even high octane caused pinging


He always fell for cute ones when they came on so flirty

She made his car seem clean when it was really filthy dirty

In Cadillac Style

In Cadillac Style


After he got straightened out and got back to the dirt track

A Lincoln tried to wipe him clean just coming off the rack

He slid into curve 3 and felt the pressure plate crack

He tried to crash box the tranny as his head snapped back


He put the pedal to the metal and watched the redline climb

His vacuum gauge was sucking air from the manifold line

When the line came into view her frame was bending over there

Beat the Lincoln by a car length and his breeze blew back her hair


Its got wrought iron letters on the rear deck

Spelled Cadillac wrong but what the heck

In Cadillac Style

In Cadillac Style


A win at the oval called for some celebrating

They headed on to Stopless for some attitude adjusting

He got wound so tight that night that no one there could trust him

Then his woman caught some eye which meant heads would be busting

There were chairs and bodies flying and a pool queue or two

And the women all smoked cigarettes with bubble gum to chew

When they finally drove away with all the Chicken Drop winnings

He gave a winked at her while smiling with that gold tooth a grinning


Hes the undisputed king of the dirt track

Shes his ill-reputed queen with a well known rack

In Cadillac Style

In Cadillac Style