Forty Nine


He walked out with a crooked crutch

It was all that you could do not to laugh

He was draped with the latest stuff

And a baseball cap for the draft


He’s running down the street

And she was born again treading endlessly

They’ve got a measure they just can’t meet

Just to keep that damn number in line


At Forty Nine

At Forty Nine


He gave some slugs back in his prime

Never gave a thought to the day

Now the sucker’s his own punch line

As he sings the only song he conveys


He’s rolling up his sleeve

And she’s tatted up where nobody sees

You’ve got push it like a missionary

When you’re on the bad side of decline


At Forty Nine

At Forty Nine


She’s going under again

For just one more stroke

An adjustment of skin

What she needs is a scrambled mind

Redefinition of the term “that’s fine”


Time’s never up when you pay the man

Modern life makes the devil grin

To chisel plug or grow on demand

Where it ends only makes it begin


He’s knocking down the Gs

She’s kick-boxing earth’s gravity

To stop a train man you can’t be weak

You need a Super wreaking ball for a mind


At Forty Nine

At Forty Nine

At Forty Nine

At Forty Nine